Professional editing and writing

I provide professional editing and technical writing services. I specialize in technical papers of a scientific or engineering nature, including dissertations, journal or other technical articles and essays, and presentations. I also do grant writing, and have worked extensively and successfully with foreign students and professors who use English as a second, if not third language. Many people have brilliant ideas that other people want to see, but they can’t communicate those ideas as effectively as they could if they work with a professional editor.

I can also take a pile of notes and some verbal communication with a person and turn that into a paper or manuscript. That is, I can write the paper for you from your ideas, if you need. I can do a quick proofread for grammar and basic style, or I can do a more thorough edit, checking for consistency and flow of argumentative or narrative structure. I offer a tiered system of reasonable rates to fit your needs.  I am also familiar with a variety of publishing styles.

I have recently worked with non-technical, more creative writers with great results and look forward to doing more of this work.

I am located near Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Salem in southwest Virginia and can meet with you personally if you are in any of those locations. We can also work effectively through electronic communications as well.

Have a book, paper, manuscript or PowerPoint document that you want published or accepted at a conference? Let me help you turn it into a polished, professional document!

Contact me at (540) 835-7483, or by email at


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